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        DK-100 Methyl Silica Gel


        Methyl silica gel, Silicone resin, Methyl silicone gel, Polymethylsilsesquioxane.


        Appearance: white or light yellow particle particle

        Solid Content: ≥55%

        Polymethylsilsesquioxane Content( count as CH3SiO3): 45—50

        Acid Content(count as HCL): ≤1.0%

        Solubility in 45% Sodium Hydroxide Solution: ≥98%

        Silicon Content(weight percentage): 22.55

        CAS NO.: 68554-70-1

        EC NO.: 241-828-4

        Molecular Formula : (CH3SiO1.5)n


        Application Range:

        Widely applied in stone,wood,paper,cement,perlite insulation board,waterproof coating areas,to make weatherproofing or enhance weatherproofing works.

        Used as waterproof thermal insulation material filling agent mixed with other additives.

        Used as waterproof materials as highway lag gouache, drilling cementing agent indirectly,etc.


        Package and Storage:

        25kg bag; transport as non-dangerous goods; should be preserved in cool and airtight place;

        Shelf life: 2 years


        Jiangxi New Materials Co.,Ltd


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