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        DK-103 Methanesiliconic acid sodium salt


        Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

        Non -volatile: 30±1%

        Viscosity(25℃,mm2/S): 8—15

        PH: ≥ 13

        Density (25℃): 1.10—1.30

        Silsesquioxane Content%(m/m): ≥ 12

        Alkali Content%(m/m): 5-10

        CAS NO.: 16589-43-8

        EC NO.: 240-648-3

        Molecular Formula : CH5SiO3Na

        Application Range:

        1.Widely used in roofing,inside and outside walls,floor,toilet,kitchen,basement,waterproof and damp proof of stock,the osmosis prevention of reinforced concrete structure.

        2.Used in underground air-raid shelters, such as culvert, bridge, dam, tunnel, large hydropower station, abstraction works to resist deterioration.

        3.Used in various pools, such as swimming pool, clear water reservoir, sewage tank and water tower.

        4.Used in high water-absorption inorganic aggregate, such as pearlite plate, roofing tile, cement brick, asbestos, inorganic textile and thermal insulation material.

        5.Widely Used in waterproof ,color-protection ,pollution-resistance,deterioration-resistance of water-soluble coating.

        6.Used as additives of latex paint,water glass,adhesive to make  obvious hydrophobicity and stable bonding strength.

        7.Widely used in petroleum drilling to adjust the viscosity and density of the mud to prevent drilling collapse and drilling efficiency.

        8.Used in later well pumping to prevent drilling collapse and faraway petroleum drilling.

        9.Used in other special applications to reduce water absorption and permeability waterproof.


        Package and Storage:

        200Kg or 1 ton plastic drum;should avoid isolation, rain and package damage; storage temperature: 0~30℃



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